Business Continuity

Business resiliency for law firms of all sizes. We will help you effectively respond to and recover from disruptive incidents, irrespective of their cause.


Critical Functions

Business Continuity Planning

Security and Compliance

Performance Evaluation and Analysis

Impact Analysis

Tailored Business Continuity Plans

Trust Rize Technologies to provide you the best business continuity services, resources and expert knowledge in line with current best practices.

Assessment & Gap Analysis

Our Business Continuity service involves determining a range of threat scenarios like fire, a natural disaster, supply chain disruptions, etc., and developing a plan to manage each of these disruptions through a disaster recovery plan. We will assess your existing business continuity capabilities and determine what changes, if any, need to be made in order to ensure the highest level of certainty that your business systems will remain operational under all circumstances.

Disaster Recovery Plan

We provide disaster recovery solutions to help your team stay productive and effectively manage any emergency or crisis. We understand that critical business operations need to be kept functional even in the face of unplanned incidents and take well-planned steps before, during, and after the crisis to mitigate the impact on business operations. An appropriate disaster recovery plan will be comprehensive and include testing on a regular basis. Maintaining continuity is one of our key focus areas.

Build Business Resiliency

Our Business Continuity services are designed to manage your law firm’s risk and threat exposure in a way that can ensure service delivery of critical functions even in the face of business disruption. We make sure to understand the critical business operations, processes, and resources that support them with the ultimate goal of mitigating risks associated with each one of them. At Rize Technologies we believe that as your trusted Managed Service IT Provider, we have an obligation to safeguard your law firm and make sure your IT infrastructure is resilient.

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