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How Can Digital Transformation Help You Grow Your Legal Practice?

How Can Digital Transformation Help You Grow Your Legal Practice?

Lead your Law Firm to success while we take care of the technology!

By outsourcing your IT management to us, you can focus on what you do best – running your law firm.

Technical Expertise

We are experts in information technologies and have over 20 years of experience working with law firms of all sizes. We work with most technologies and specialize in cloud technology.

Value Driven

Our value-driven approach is committed to keeping your IT systems safe, robust and efficient. Our focus is to provide your law firm with the right support and the best tools.

Money-Back Guarantee

We offer a money-back guarantee on our services, no commitment is required. We are so confident in our products and IT services that if you do wish to change, we will even help you migrate to another provider.

IT Services for Law Firms

As your technology partner, we believe in building a collaborative relationship that is geared towards providing solutions that are practical and growth-oriented

Secure Your Data and Network

We will ensure that all systems are always working at peak performance. With the help of data and network security measures provided by a trusted IT company, your law firm is protected against hefty fines, as well as putting your reputation at risk. Potential breaches can also be prevented by the proactive cybersecurity monitoring done by an experienced IT services provider.

A valuable tip for law firms is to use extra safeguards for sensitive information that cybercriminals and competitors may use against them.

Strategic Planning and Support

An IT strategy plan is a high-level guide created by IT experts and business strategists to address all gaps between the current state of your law firm’s IT and meeting best technology practices.

It will help if you have a clear and comprehensive IT strategy plan for your law firm – one that would enhance your digital experience, predict potential opportunities and vulnerabilities, and ultimately increase revenue. A law firm must automate as much as possible without sacrificing the quality of results so that everyone can focus on the most critical tasks.

Cybersecurity Employee Training

Can you imagine the consequences of all your client’s and staff’s information being leaked to an intruder just because an employee opens a phishing email? In this User Risk Report, 30% of employees surveyed didn’t even know the meaning of phishing and malware.

The information lawyers are entrusted with is becoming more vulnerable as cybercriminals develop advanced hacking methods. Your employees must undergo effective online cybersecurity training to guard themselves and the firm against cyber-attacks. Our team at Rize Technologies can help you stay up to date on the latest cybersecurity trends and training methods and conduct cybersecurity training for your employees.

Professional Technology Consulting IT Support Services

We make technology WORK FOR YOU! Partner with us to make smarter technology decisions. Trust us to build solutions tailored to meet your business objectives.

Count on Us to Maximize
Your IT Efficiency and Secure Your Critical Data

Managed IT Services

We will help you effectively respond to and recover from disruptive incidents, irrespective of their cause.

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Cybersecurity Services

We proactively respond to threats, from desktop to network to cloud, even before you know about them.

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Business Continuity

We will help you effectively respond to and recover from disruptive incidents, irrespective of their cause.

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Data Backup and Recovery

We can help you manage unplanned downtime and restore your critical documents in the event of data loss, server, or network crash.

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Cloud Services

Move to the cloud with tailored solutions that meet your business needs and specifications from the best cloud services provider.

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Microsoft 365 Services

We are a trusted Microsoft Business Partner committed to accelerating your law firm’s journey towards an efficient workplace with Microsoft 365.

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HelpDesk Support Services

Our services are designed to give your law firm a competitive advantage by providing excellent customer support & customized troubleshooting assistance.

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What Our Clients Say

Walter Kelley

Business Partner

Rize Technologies gave us a powerful suite of tools that every law firm should have. Their dedicated, highly skilled team took time guiding us in learning all the new processes. Can’t recommend them enough!

Jesse Bernheim

Business Partner

We now have a clear roadmap for our security, productivity, and communications without any interruptions – all thanks to Rize Technologies. That was never the case before having them as our long-term IT partner.

Troy Sullivan

Business Partner

My boutique firm has become 100x more efficient with the new systems Rize Technologies has recommended for us. Our digital transformation also brought in more clients! Having the right tools has been a game-changer for us.


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